A Short Introduction on this Internet Site

One of my goals as an "Instructional Technology Coordinator/Computer Teacher" has been to develop a dynamic electronic portfolio resource that could be utilized by parents, educators, specialists, students and so on... without having to be dependent upon any specific devices.

Well obviously we will need a computer of some sort for this: but the question is how can we present this work for people who do not have a computer at home? Or a district that uses one operating system over another? Or another school where the technology is advanced/retarded?

I have experimented with software that works on multi-platforms but usually when we say "multi-platforms" we mean  just the MAC or DOS (WINDOWS) platforms. But even as we go back and forth between just these two O/Ss we often run into errors or non-compatibility issues.

Because of this I have explored the world of HTML and have seem to found the best interface for any number of operating systems as well as compatibility. Of course I have also discovered that we need to keep the HTML coding rather simplistic to be able to cross network between ages of machines and O/Ss.

This then is a minor attempt at creating this electronic media format.