It's a brand new day… yes and I do believe I see a pig flying. The hiatus is over: the mess of the electoral process along with the commercialization of the Holiday season leaves one ranting in fevered rage. Hence I thought it wiser to leave off until it was over and we began a new year, with a new administration - you know the one thing we can all agree on is that the Bush presidency has paved the way for any American to grow up to be president. Even those of us who dabbled in the excesses of life: like sex drugs and rock & roll. The times they is a changing (hey Dylan even won a Golden Globe and we even could understand him!), as Dennis Miller said "Life is like riding the bus - it requires change."

For us in Wisconsin our gain is the nation's loss: as Tommy Thompson resigns as governor to join the Bush administration. Finally, 12 years of Tommy's idiocy is over. This brings us Lt. Governor McCallum: a better choice? Well considering the previous anything is an improvement. But I do not mean to be so harsh on Tommy, it is just that Tommy turned an educational system into a profit machine through his expansion of prison facilities for youths. Basically the schools that used to educate youthful offenders in the ways and means of society are now holding tanks that train these youth on how to be model and effective inmates for life. (Even before Tommy is gone McCallum is promising an increase in the educational budget. [I am skeptical therefore we shall wait and see what McCallum can do]).

I had read in the paper that there are some schools out west that are having "anti-bake" sales to protest the funding or rather lack of … of their school districts. Their idea is that it is ridiculous to have to have a "bake sale" in order to raise funds for the education of our children. It reminds me of that T-shirt that went around in the late 70's: 'it'll be a great day when the pentagon has to hold a bake sale to fund its new warplane and schools will have all the money they need' Ah but I am being idealistic as is wont to happen as the days get longer the nights shorter and the wind shifts and blows from off the lake.

Tommy's gone, Andrea is back from Nashville and the "Bluebirds" are playing the Nashota Clubhouse every Friday night, and did I say that Tommy was gone? Looks like it's going to be a great day.