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What Am I Doing Here?

definiing our mission in the education of our children:

A Personal Mission Statement Workshop



Special Education is a convergence of ideas, theories, hopes, and fears. Some although good hearted nevertheless are misguided. As teachers, in general, we need to define this mission: we need to reinvent ourselves, our schools, the way we educate. And we begin by defining our own mission through the educational paradigm.

This discussion/workshop will be a ‘personal mission statement’ work-shop. As "paradigms shift" we are left with the vulnerability of not being prepared. We are left questioning our most fundamental beliefs concerning the American educational process:

This discussion/work-shop will take on this last query as a means to answer the rest. As we have discovered late in the 20th century there is no singular answer that will suffice. Instead we have learned to adapt, to modify, to prepare ourselves our beliefs our ideals. As our ideals expand so do our perspectives, and this often leaves us in the dangerous path of the "lurching" new ideals . This discussion/work-shop will be an open forum in discussing and discovering our own individual mission statement as to why we are or have become, or desire to be teachers. We will contemplate our missions in comparison to Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory; just exactly what is meant when we say "paradigm shift" and how does one go about shifting their paradigms? Discussion or deconstruction of the potential of Postmodernistic thought with Constructivism , Behaviorism, as well as Ecological theorists will be engaged in.

While the emphasis above suggests a teacher’s perspective it is understood, no desired, that parents, students, administrators, and everyone else delve into this activity.


Khristian E. Kay – Instructional Technology Coordinator / SPED Resource Teacher

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