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Below you will find links to site containing information about multiple intelligences.

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K-12: Theory and Practice in the K-12 Classroom
Multiple Intelligences
Multiple Intelligences Bookshelf-links to books and articles.
A Multiple Intelligences Worksheet
A Multiple Intelligences Inventory
Howard Gardner
Harvard's Project Zero
Take an I.Q. Test
The following books about Multiple Intelligences are found in Anderson University's Nicholson Library:
Seven Windows to a Child's World: 100 Ideas for the Multiple Intelligence Classroom by Anna T. O'Connor and Sheila Callahan-Young LB 1060 .O25 1994
Succeeding with Multiple Intelligence: Teaching Through the Personal Intelligence LB 1060 .S93 1996
Multiple Assessments for Multiple Intelligence by James Bellanca, Carolyn Chapman, & Elizabeth Swartz LB 1060 .B45 1994
Seven Ways of Knowing: Teaching the Multiple Intelligences by David Lazear LB 1060 .L39 1991B

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